Legal Warning

In recent years, we have received complaints regarding that there is an increasing number of persons who have defrauded our applicants by introducing themselves as Gateway Management and the methods have improved. We strongly recommend our applicants not to give credit to these frauds, especially in terms of personal information security.

The legal process has been initiated against all these cases and this document is prepared to protect our valuable applicants against such victimizations and to inform them about what can be done if they are suffering from such cases.

If, in a way, you are asked to pay money to people or institutions that have no interest and connection with our company and you pay well in advance, you can apply for the following ways:

  • Gateway does not have any agency. We operate directly in our branches published on our website. Do not rely on those who claim to be agents, tell you that they will check your application documentation, and that they will receive an appointment. This person and the companies have no interest and connection with our Company.
  • You can call our call center to make an appointment. There is no need for any intermediary, so you are not charged a separate fee for it. Such declarations and directives are made to obtain money from you and are malicious.
  • Please do not hesitate to share this warning with your relatives or friends who are considering making visa application.