Letter From The Chairman

Dear Valuable Applicants of Turkish Visa,

First of all, I would like to greet everyone with respect. Throughout the world history, wherever you are, a secure travel has been of great importance. A secure life, the self-preservation instinct is a natural characteristics of every living-beings, and for humans, of course, it is at the higher levels. Given the simplest example, first humans had lived in caves, always wanted to self-protect against foreigners, and built observations posts next to their gates. Then, we had gone on to building castles, walls and city gates, which had provided better protection at the higher elevations of the topography. All these are indicators of the importance attached by humans to the security. Even today, we first pay attention to security once we afforded a home. We keep our doors locked, prohibiting access of unwanted people. Therefore, we should not find odd, regardless of the reason, the measurements taken by every country in order to protect their borders. These may sometimes be at the extreme levels, while sometimes at the medium or low levels. Security measurements are directly associated with the dynamics of current period and the need for the security checks.

Once travelers see the visa as an access permission granted by the destination country to travelers who passed necessary checks, they will understand that it is not a trouble-making process at all. Yet, if the authority of the destination makes its borders more secure, then the confidence of the people who want to travel or invest in that country will also be higher. Here, the point at issue is not the application of a visa procedure but a fast, effective operation of the system under the courtesy rules while checking all security risks of a country. The certain criteria that are generally observed during evaluation of a visa application includes, first, social status, profession and educational background of an applicant, and second, originality of the documents to be obtained by an applicant from local authorities, and third, an inquiry on the political threats, checks as to whether applicant is listed by destination country as a restricted person. Additional checks may be applied under these three criteria.


Halis Ali Çakmak
Gateway Management Logistics Inc.